‘Swakopmund son of the soil, journalist and activist Jade McClune recently announced his entry into Namibian politics after he was nominated as one of the Landless People’s Movement’s candidates to run for a seat on the Swakopmund Municipal Council,’ writes Adam Hartmann in The Namibian today.

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Below is a transcript of the full interview with Adam Hartman of The Namibian on 26 October.

You recently announced your entry into Namibian politics and your candidacy for LPM. Is this correct? What led to this decision?

Yes, I was nominated by Swakopmund LPM to stand as a candidate and after the vetting process to check my qualifications and background, the party confirmed me as an eligible candidate. As a journalist I’ve been covering issues at the coast for some 20 years, but there comes a time when you’ve researched and written as much as you can about a problem — like the shack fires and the destitute children — that it’s no longer enough to write about it. …


Jade Lennon

Writer, reporter, activist

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