The killing of Monica Musova and the cover-up at New Era

Brief background

At the SCOPA hearing in November 2017 NEPC CEO Dr Audrin Mathe said he would not have let the company “slump to where it has” if it were my own. Image: Namibian Sun.

Living large at taxpayers’ expense

New paper binned

NEPC bosses before the parliamentary standing committee in November 2017. New Era reported that CEO Dr Audrin Mathe told the committee that ‘funding remains an issue… although NEPC is working towards financial self-dependence.’ Photo: New Era

Tragedy and cover-up

Executive bonuses not disclosed

NEPC chairman at the time Tarah Shaanika flanked by NEPC CEO Dr Audrin Mathe (left) and CFO Beatus Amadhila (right) take the oath before the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts in July 2016. Photo: New Era

Working hours and ethics

Rewarding failure

Questions that need answers

1) Did the NEPC board approve the purchase of a luxury Range Rover at the cost of N$1.8 million for the CEO at a time they were telling parliament that NEPC is underfunded?

2) Did the company apply the lawful tender and advertising procedures for parastatals when purchasing the vehicle? If not, why not?

3) Is it true that the CEO generally spent less than 2 hours per month at the office? Does his contract exempt him from reporting for office duty?

4) Why did Mathe and Co implement a forced labour policy at NEPC after launching their new paper July 2016 when it is clearly against the law?

5) What level of bonuses and salary increases did NEPC executives afford themselves after telling parliament in July 2016 that they are running a loss-making operation?

6) What is the state of the homicide investigation into the death of Monica Mpasi Musova? Why did New Era refuse to publish her name and the details surrounding her death when they had been informed by the police?

7) Why is New Era refusing to publish the Auditor General’s recent report on its finances?




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